Acupuncture has been used since the 1970's as a complementary treatment for many neurological conditions and it has a good reputation for its ability to stabilise and, in some cases, improve many of the symptoms. In recent years, well documented research and modern acupuncture techniques have been introduced to help improve the efficacy of the treatment. 

There are different systems of acupuncture which can be used either by themselves or in combination for treatment:


Body acupuncture:  Can target any area of the body affected in order to help; improve blood circulation, increase relaxation in the muscles and tissues, pain relief, relief from anxiety and insomnia, increase energy levels, improve bladder control and digestive function, among many other benefits.

Scalp acupuncture: A system developed in more recent years specifically for neurological conditions. Here, points are treated along lines on the scalp that lie directly over the specific areas of the brain that control different bodily functions such as mobility, sensation, balance, etc.

Ear acupuncture: This system is based on a theory similar to that of reflexology where specific points of the auricle (external ear) act as reflex points for different parts of the body which can therefore be treated through the ear. This type of acupuncture is particularly effective for stress, anxiety and pain anywhere in the body and it is also used worldwide for the emotional and physical symptoms related to drug and alcohol withdrawal as well as PTSD.


 Sandra has been part of the Centre since 2013. and has gained qualifications from the South West College of Oriental Medicine, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and the University of East London. Sandra has been practicing Oriental medicine since 2001 and is well versed in the complexities of neurological conditions. 

If you are unsure that acupuncture is for you, Sandra will be more than happy to meet with you to answer any of your questions and to discuss how acupuncture may help alleviate your symptoms. Call us on 01454 201 686 to enquire about appointments.