A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in, or donated to #RiseAboveMS we haven't worked out the full amount raised but it's looking like it will be well over £1,500, so, go you! Now we'll have 2 things to celebrate in the run up to our 35th birthday read on to find out more ... 

The West of England MS Therapy Centre turns 35 in 2020 and we want you to help us celebrate


Way back in 1985 no one could have envisioned just how much the Centre would grow or how many people would experience a better quality of life thanks to the therapies and support the Centre provides.


A quick snapshot of the past 35 years demonstrates that we have been a key part of improving the lives of over 3,500 people through 150,000 hours of therapies, in both the 'new' building in Bradley Stoke and our original home in Nailsea. We regularly see people travel from 8 different counties to receive therapy and we've helped mange 87 different conditions.


And none of this could have been achieved without the continued support, friendship and involvement of you. 

What are we going to do to mark this auspicious occasion? Well, we were planning a massive garden party but it seems that might have to wait until next year. So we thought you might enjoy a few, just for fun, challenges (although we may be able to sort some prizes). Anyway, here's the plan; 

  • Monday 11 May; write a poem, just a little ditty about what the Centre means to you. It doesn't need to be long, it doesn't need to be clever, though we would like it to be, perhaps, a little witty, here's one to start you off;


The MS Therapy Centre's great, ​

Now that's a fact, there's no debate,  

You see I go there to get more oxygen, 

it really helps when I am strugglin'. 

It's the team I find that motivates,

it's where I meet my pals, my mates,

So when it's safe and Covid's gone, 

I'll be back like a shot, it's where I belong.

  • Tuesday 12 May; jazz up the old blue balloon logo, make us look pretty! 

  • Wednesday 13 May; here's one for the kids - go all TikTok* on us by recording a little video of you waxing lyrical about us! (*don't really use TikTok just film it on your phone and post to Brightwell Chat, TikTok is weird and you could get strangely addicted to it) 

  • Thursday 14 May; it doesn't matter if you were with us at the beginning or you just managed to sneak in before lock down happened, if you've got photo's, memories, memorabilia or anything else you'd like to share now is the time  

  • Friday 15 May; PARTY TIME - in a first for any of us we're going to have a virtual tea party. Using the power of Zoom lets all meet up and say hello. Get out your finest china, or poshest mug, pop on a fancy hat and treat yourself to a spot of cake. The party will start at 3 pm and last for 40 minutes to join in click HERE (on Friday just before 3 pm, not now, it won't work before then) 

Don't forget to post your artistic endeavours to the Brightwell Chat Facebook group so we can all marvel at your brilliance and we'll keep an eye out for some worthy prize winners. 

Stay at home FUNdraising

The current situation with COVID-19 means many of us will be looking at an extended period of staying at home. So, we thought, it might be fun to use this time to set yourselves a challenge, a goal or even a dare to help amuse, entertain and support the Centre all from the safety of your own home. The brilliant name we've given this is, of course, FUNdraising! Read on for some inspiration and how to collect sponsorship. 


During this time of social distancing why not seize the opportunity to go bold and get sponsored for doing so, or set an amount to raise before you actually do it. 

So what kind of things could you do? 

Shave your head

Dye your hair a bright colour

Don't dye your hair - does anyone remember their real hair colour?

Have a mohican 

Wax your chest (admittedly this one may be more effective by the gents) 


We're all searching for an antidote to the isolation right now and a way to reconnect with friends and family. Well you can do just that by using the power of the internet!  

In what way? Just remember to Stay Safe and Stay Home

Quiz Night - use social media, Whats-app or a website like virtual  quiz events

Picnic/Coffee morning - invite friends and family to a Zoom meetup

Buy a round - catch up with friends on House Party and encourage them to donate the equivalent of their round at the pub

Bingo Night - as well as other social media meet ups there's facebook live, email out Bingo cards and get dabbing, twist don't pull, even at home! 


Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or perhaps you've seen the T-Shirt challenge we're not suggesting you try that one though! Well why not start one of your own and then nominate 3 people to donate and follow suit. These kind of challenges have potential to reach far beyond your own social group, the key is for the challenge to be a bit silly and, of course, you have to post the video! 

Want some inspiration, well how about one of these ideas; 

Bake Off - bake a spectacular treat/failure and nominate your friends to better your attempt

Say a tongue twister with a mouth full of biscuits/sweets - A slight twist on the Chubby Bunny game of old and quite apt over Easter though attempting 'I'm not a pheasant plucker' may be a bit risky', 'red lorry, yellow lorry' should prove amusing

Balance something on your head - maybe just a (plastic) glass of water whilst telling a joke, or have someone else tell the joke and try not to have the water tip all over you


We appreciate a lot of our members may find the idea of a physical challenge a tad daunting but you don't need to go big to make an impression sometimes people are more impressed by the effort rather than the scale. With a physical event sponsorship is usually the best way to go, more on that in a bit. 

Want some ideas? 

Do 10 minutes everyday - follow the Centre's facebook page for exercises from our physios

30 day challenge - walk, cycle or run(!) over the course of 30 days to a specified distance, this ones good because you can choose a target that's within your abilities 

A family/household challenge - why not work as a team to achieve a goal, live in Weston? Why not work out how many miles away the Centre is and walk that distance in your back garden?


Of course you are now brimming with enthusiasm and ready to get cracking on your new venture so how are you going to get the money? 

We've set up a dedicated campaign on Just Giving just click on the fund raise button and you can set up your own page with a few taps of the keyboard. A handy link that you can email or post on social media will automatically be generated. To give at a whirl click HERE

If you're on Facebook you can create a fundraiser by selecting Fundraise from the menu on the right hand side, select non profit and choose The West of England MS Therapy Centre. 

In the current climate we don't recommend you accept cash but if someone wants to send you a cheque ask them to make it payable to The West of England MS Therapy Centre and don't forget to remind EVERYONE who donates to check the GiftAid box so we can claim the extra 25%. 

If you  need anything email us on community@thebrightwell.org.uk and we'll be happy to help. Thank you and remember, have fun! 

The Brightwell offers a caring hand to those who need our help. We provide therapies, services and support to help make everyday life easier for people living with long term neurological conditions.


The Centre receives no funding from the NHS and less than 1% of our costs are met by government schemes. The Centre and our members are grateful for the generosity of community groups, businesses and individual fundraisers that allow us to continue to support people in need. 

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