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The adventure starts on the 26th April, the start of #MSAwarenessWeek and runs until 25th June


As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, (up to six people can meet outside from 29th March), #PowerAcrossThePeaks is the perfect way to spend quality time with your friends and family outdoors whilst doing something AMAZING for The Brightwell.

If you prefer to complete your adventure at home/gym (from 12th April) or use exercise equipment at The Brightwell, this is equally FANTASTIC!!

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Get Quizzical for MS and host a quiz with your friends and family with our "Get Quizzical for MS" Quiz Pack.

Bring your friends together this June - virtually or in-person (following current Government guidelines) and host a quiz to help The Brightwell provide life changing support and therapies to people living with MS and other neurological conditions.

5 Rounds with 10 questions in each round

Register for a FREE quiz pack and we will email you our "Get Quizzical for MS" Quiz Pack

Be amazing in 2021

Join us in supporting each other through these difficult times, do something amazing and together we can help people living with neurological conditions

Virgin London Virtual Marathon 2021

Would you like to run the Virgin London 2021 Virtual Marathon for the West of England MS Therapy Centre? 


We have been allocated 3 places in the Virtual London Marathon and are looking for a dedicated and motivated individuals to take on this challenge whilst raising vital funds for the West of England MS Therapy Centre.

If you are interested,  please get in touch with our fundraising team for further information.


Our monthly Brightwell 100 Club is an easy way to support the our Centre.

Every month you could be in with the chance of winning 25% of the prize fund.

Each number costs £5 and you can buy as many number as you wish.

Go shopping* for charity! 
*online shopping only
don't have too much fun 

Do you shop online?
Do you want to raise money for us with no extra cost to yourself?
Do you want to know how? 

Then you should have a little look at the info below because we know of at least 2 really easy, really simple ways you can do this. 

It is really easy.  


If you already shop with Amazon it's really simple to switch to Amazon Smile, visit the settings section on your account, select Amazon Smile and then look for us. We'll be listed as The West of England Multiple Sclerosis Centre, select us and bingo you're raising money every time you shop. Yay! 

You can even follow the same steps to set us up on your Amazon shopping app, just go to setting and look for Amazon Smile again. 

Amazon donate 0.5% of your spend to us and there is absolutely no extra cost to yourself, at all, ever. Go on, get shopping!! 


Easy Fundraising is another really simple way to support the Centre. It works a little differently to Amazon as you visit the Easy Fundraising site and then click on your shop of choice. Each shop/business donates a percentage of your spend, some as much as 10%. You can also download their App. and shop straight from your mobile.

At Easy Fundraising there are over 4,000 retailers to choose from including eBay, insurance companies and brokers, utilities, John Lewis, Marks and Spencers, pet food and even vintage wine and port suppliers. 

Again there is no cost to yourself so go have a look, after all every penny counts at the moment. 

Stay at home FUNdraising

The current situation with COVID-19 means many of us will be looking at an extended period of staying at home. So, we thought, it might be fun to use this time to set yourselves a challenge, a goal or even a dare to help amuse, entertain and support the Centre all from the safety of your own home. The brilliant name we've given this is, of course, FUNdraising! Read on for some inspiration and how to collect sponsorship. 



During this time of social distancing why not seize the opportunity to go bold and get sponsored for doing so, or set an amount to raise before you actually do it. 

So what kind of things could you do? 

Shave your head

Dye your hair a bright colour

Don't dye your hair - does anyone remember their real hair colour?

Have a mohican 

Wax your chest (admittedly this one may be more effective by the gents) 


We're all searching for an antidote to the isolation right now and a way to reconnect with friends and family. Well you can do just that by using the power of the internet!  

In what way? Just remember to Stay Safe and Stay Home

Quiz Night - use social media, Whats-app or a website like virtual  quiz events

Picnic/Coffee morning - invite friends and family to a Zoom meetup

Buy a round - catch up with friends on House Party and encourage them to donate the equivalent of their round at the pub

Bingo Night - as well as other social media meet ups there's facebook live, email out Bingo cards and get dabbing, twist don't pull, even at home! 



Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge or perhaps you've seen the T-Shirt challenge we're not suggesting you try that one though! Well why not start one of your own and then nominate 3 people to donate and follow suit. These kind of challenges have potential to reach far beyond your own social group, the key is for the challenge to be a bit silly and, of course, you have to post the video! 

Want some inspiration, well how about one of these ideas; 

Bake Off - bake a spectacular treat/failure and nominate your friends to better your attempt

Say a tongue twister with a mouth full of biscuits/sweets - A slight twist on the Chubby Bunny game of old and quite apt over Easter though attempting 'I'm not a pheasant plucker' may be a bit risky', 'red lorry, yellow lorry' should prove amusing

Balance something on your head - maybe just a (plastic) glass of water whilst telling a joke, or have someone else tell the joke and try not to have the water tip all over you



We appreciate a lot of our members may find the idea of a physical challenge a tad daunting but you don't need to go big to make an impression sometimes people are more impressed by the effort rather than the scale. With a physical event sponsorship is usually the best way to go, more on that in a bit. 

Want some ideas? 

Do 10 minutes everyday - follow the Centre's facebook page for exercises from our physios

30 day challenge - walk, cycle or run(!) over the course of 30 days to a specified distance, this ones good because you can choose a target that's within your abilities 

A family/household challenge - why not work as a team to achieve a goal, live in Weston? Why not work out how many miles away the Centre is and walk that distance in your back garden?



Of course you are now brimming with enthusiasm and ready to get cracking on your new venture so how are you going to get the money? 

We've set up a dedicated campaign on Just Giving just click on the fund raise button and you can set up your own page with a few taps of the keyboard. A handy link that you can email or post on social media will automatically be generated. To give at a whirl click HERE

If you're on Facebook you can create a fundraiser by selecting Fundraise from the menu on the right hand side, select non profit and choose The West of England MS Therapy Centre. 

In the current climate we don't recommend you accept cash but if someone wants to send you a cheque ask them to make it payable to The West of England MS Therapy Centre and don't forget to remind everyone who donates to tick the GiftAid box then we can claim the extra 25% on their donation. 

If you need anything email us on community@thebrightwell.org.uk and we'll be happy to help. Thank you and remember, have fun!