Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) is a form of psychotherapy which does exactly what it says in the title; it focuses on finding a solution to your problem rather than focusing on the problem itself. Our qualified hypnotherapist encourages you to work towards your preferred future, looking at what you can achieve, rather than what you cannot achieve. 

SFH is a modern, well-researched, brain based talking therapy which encourages you to make small incremental steps towards thinking more positively. Many people like SFH because you do not have to go over and over your problems and rake up the past, instead we acknowledge the past but then focus on the present and your future goals to help you feel happier, more fulfilled and make beneficial changes to your life.

How can SFH help?

The list of things that SFH can help with is extensive, but includes anxiety, anger, depression, fears, phobias, confidence, weight management, IBS, pain, panic attacks, insomnia, unwanted habits, PTSD, OCD, and addiction.

In short, SFH can help with anything you perceive to be a problem or is stopping you living your life the way you want.

What happens in a session? 
Most of the session is what might be more commonly known as psychotherapy. We talk about what has been good about your week, look at the skills you have used to make new changes to your thought patterns or behaviour. During the last few minutes you can relax, as there is a short trance session. People get worried about trance and the word ‘hypnosis’ because of what they might have seen on the TV. In a therapeutic setting, trance is a very relaxing and pleasant experience.  We all naturally go into trance many times a day. When we daydream, when we lose track of time because we are reading a good book or when we get engrossed in a TV programme, we are in trance. As we go into a deep relaxation we are able to access the sub conscious and we can learn new ways of thinking. It is very safe, you cannot get stuck, think or do anything you do not want to do and you are in full control at all times. 

SFH can help with anything you perceive to be a problem or anything that might be stopping you moving forward. To find out more on how SFH can help you, book a free initial consultation or experience trance by picking up a CD from reception.

Hypnotherapy is offered by Julie Phillips and is available on Wednesdays from 10:30 am until 3pm, all appointments are booked with reception. 


Julie is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist who has provided therapy at the Centre since August 2014.