The most commonly reported symptoms of long COVID are;
Fatigue, Brain fog, Shortness of breath
Joint, Chest and Muscle pain
Cough, Heart Palpitations, Headache
Depression and Intermittent fever

Right now there are several clinical studies taking place evaluating the effectiveness of a variety of treatments and therapies to help patients recover from Covid-19. Understandably health services around the world, including the NHS, are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of people who will be needing support through their recovery and the lingering effects Covid-19 could have. 

Some studies have looked at oxygen therapy specifically and although the results have been great in reducing the fatigue felt by patients, the sample sizes, so far, have been tiny. So we cannot say with certainty that oxygen will fix your fatigue but for a good number of our members oxygen therapy has definitely been beneficial. 

Before having oxygen therapy I had four months of debilitating ill health caused by the lingering effects of COVID-19. I suffered from difficulty breathing, it was so intense I was unable to finish a sentence, and my voice was significantly altered in tone and volume. Working so hard for every breath was physically exhausting, it also led to other issues such as dizziness, headaches and chronic chest pain. I had zero tolerance for physical exertion even just walking from one room to another would leave me wheezing and gasping. Each time I felt the symptoms had abated I would return to work only to relapse in days and end up bed bound again. 
Since having oxygen therapy I have not had a full relapse and to be free of that worry has been life altering and amazing. My tolerance for physical exercise and everyday tasks continues to steadily improve, I use my inhaler less and have decreased the amount of steroids I take. However, every Tuesday I feel my chest getting tighter and breathing becomes harder once I've had my session on a Wednesday those feelings disappear again,I occasionally wonder what my health would be like now if I hadn't started oxygen therapy. 
Although I still live with a certain amount of fatigue, as I also have Fibromyalgia, it is now back to the levels pre-COVID, I've also noticed significant improvements in tinnitus, visual disturbances, sleep quality and concentration levels. 
Victoria, Centre member, began oxygen therapy July 2020