COVID-19 Precautions

The health and safety of our members and  team is of paramount importance to us.

In light of the pandemic we have overhauled the risk assessments for all departments.

For your peace of mind the oxygen risk assessment is available to read by clicking the button below.

Booking oxygen

You can make an appointment by calling    01454 201 686 during normal office hours Monday to Friday, 9 am until 5 pm 

So as many members as possible can benefit from oxygen therapy we are limiting existing members to one session per week. We will endeavour to provide new members with the block sessions recommended. 

If are able to take an extra session on short notice please let reception, or one of our oxygen volunteers, know and we will give you a ring should any cancellations occur. 

Safety measures for oxygen therapy

Oxygen masks

You will now wear an oxygen mask from when you enter the Centre until the time you leave. 

If you own your own oxygen mask you will have to take it with you, clean and disinfect it at home then bring it back with you for each session.

We will still loan members oxygen masks, these will be brought to you while you remain in your vehicle, these are to be dropped off in a box placed within the foyer as you leave.

We do recommend that you invest in your own mask, we can source the correct ones you need for only £40 or for 4 monthly instalments of £10, to do this email Angela here

Once inside the chamber you will now have to attach the  tubes to your own mask, chamber operators are currently unable to assist you. If you do need assistance, whether this is to enter/exit the chamber, transfer to a wheelchair or to attach the air tubes, you will need to bring someone with you to help. Remember, unless exempt, they will need to wear a protective face mask whilst in the Centre.

The chamber

To protect yourself and our team each session will be limited to five people.

The chamber seats have been rearranged to provide adequate space for each person. 

You will have to bring your own plastic bottle of water, remember it has to be still not sparkling otherwise...                                                                                                                            whoosh! 

Personal belongings 

Leave whatever you can in your car to minimise  You should also make sure you have any emergency medication you may need with you, such as an epi-pen or dextrose, and leave everything else behind, coats should be hung on the rail by reception 

Carers / family members

You can bring one person with you and they must be wearing a fitted face mask. Anyone you bring will have to wait in the car or outside the building during your session.

If you need assistance leaving the chamber we will call them when you are ready. 

We are temporarily barring dogs, apart from accredited service dogs, from the Centre and the grounds as we are currently unable to accommodate their needs.

With the warmer weather here we do not wish to have any animal left unattended either in a vehicle or tied up outside the Centre. 

Socialising / refreshments

You are now able to join your friends for a chat and a cuppa, sometimes during the day we will have a volunteer here who will happily make a nice hot drink for you. Other times you will have to make it yourself, please note only one person should be in the kitchen area at a time, they should be wearing a face covering and the should clean up after themselves. 

If you stay inside the Centre we would like you to wear a mask whilst moving around but when you are sat with your friends feel free to remove it. 

Session Timings

To provide ample time for people to enter and exit there will be five oxygen sessions each day.

It is more important than ever that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. This helps us to maintain a socially distanced timetable.

Unfortunately we will not be able to delay sessions if you are running late. 

Oxygen Timetable

Oxygen sessions can change dependent on demand or need for a particular pressure, call the Centre just to check if your preferred pressure is available on 01451 201 686  

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