Frequently asked questions about oxygen therapy
How will I know what to do?

All sessions are overseen by a minimum of two trained volunteer operators.  Every year these operators are re-qualified using nationally set operating procedures.  When you are new to the treatment you will be shown how to fit your mask, what to do if you are feeling uncomfortable and you will be taken through all the relevant procedures.

When you begin your therapy, you will not be left alone in the barochamber, in fact in all likelihood you will be sitting with another member who has already had multiple sessions. The Centre is a friendly place and we aim to help you feel at ease throughout your session.

Can I take anything in to the chamber?

The barochamber is a relatively small space and some items are not permitted, lighters, pressurised containers, etc...  the full list will be highlighted to you before you start. You are welcome to read, you can relax and listen to music, but we discourage sleeping in the chamber as it slows down your breathing and you won't get the full benefit. You can bring your tablet, laptop or mobile phone into the chamber, and here's a handy tip; download any films or TV at home. Please bear in mind anything you do take into the chamber is at your own risk as we cannot guarantee how any device will react to pressurisation. Generally, if your devices are fine on commercial aircraft they will be fine in the chamber. One thing we do ask, if you're listening to anything please use headphones, that way the whole chamber won't have to enjoy your entertainment as well. 

How do I get started?

Everyone who comes to the Centre has an initial assessment where details of your condition, symptoms and mobility will be recorded. This is the general assessment and it helps us, and you, monitor your progress as it provides a baseline to track back to. Your initial assessment will be carried out virtually, this could be by phone or, preferably, via Zoom. 

During this assessment, the various treatments and therapies we offer will be discussed.


If you are interested in the oxygen therapy you will talk with one of the team and they'll guide you through the process and, as long as all the forms are complete, book you in for your first sessions. 

Will oxygen therapy help me? 

Many, but not all, of our members would say, yes. The vast majority of people who start oxygen therapy continue as they find it of benefit. There is more and more research being conducted into oxygen therapy and a recent study, into the effects of oxygen therapy on fibromyalgia, found that those who undertook the therapy reported a "... significant improvement in life quality."* There are also quite a few sports stars who use oxygen to speed up the healing process when recovering from injury, Marcus Trescothick, from Somerset Cricket Club attended our Centre to aid his return to the field and we do have our very own star of the Invictus Games who uses both the chamber and our physio gym on a weekly basis. 


As with any new therapy you should ask as many questions as you like, remember; there is no such thing as a silly question and all of the team here will be more than happy to help you, so, ask away.  



* "Oxygen therapy/treatment in fibromyalgia" - British Medical Journal June 2018