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Fantastic new lounge furniture

We are so delighted with our new furniture for our Bradbury Lounge.

A few months ago, we were contacted by David Elliott of County Contractors, who were doing a major refurbishment at The Delta Marriott Hotel in Bristol City Centre.

David has been a great support of ours for many years, originally joining us when we were based in Nailsea. Despite being diagnosed himself with MS in 2001, David has helped with numerous fundraising activities for us, including running several marathons.

David was aware that there would be furniture that was due to be replaced and asked the hotel’s General Manager, Robin Vanieperen, if he could suggest that they were donated to The Brightwell.

Robin generously agreed and we recently collected 18 chairs from the hotel. These chairs look brand new and the colour scheme matches perfectly for our lounge area.

For safety reasons, the furniture we use at the centre needs to be very stable and have arms for our service users to be able to transfer securely, these fit the bill perfectly!

So thanks to the generosity of The Delta Marriott not only can we offer attractive and comfortable seating, but we have also saved thousands of pounds!

Thank you so much David and Robin for thinking of us, please come and join us for a coffee in our lovely lounge very soon.

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