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Thanks to the Rolls Royce Volunteers

We gladly welcomed back Rolls Royce on the 20 July, for some help with the garden, which turned out to be far more than that. We welcomed 23 volunteers on the day organised by Mark Savage.

Each and every one of the team were brilliant, aided by beautiful sunshine.

The usual weeding tasks were carried out, along with the willow weaving of our screened seating area and the mowing of our lawn. Lots of garden waste was bagged, and a team helped us lower some of our parking curb stones for a future project.

A major transformation took place with 3 of our patio chairs being sanded and oiled bringing them back to their former glory, not to mention the 2 benches within the willow seating area.

Take a look at the photos to see the results of all the team’s efforts and enthusiasm.

Thank you Mark and the Rolls Royce Team for all your hard work!

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