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Wards Solicitors’ Will Writing scheme keeps supporting The Brightwell

Living with a neurological condition can be complex and challenging whether it’s caused by a long-term illness like Multiple Sclerosis or the sudden effects of something like long Covid.

The Brightwell in Bradley Stoke provides a range of therapies – oxygen therapy, physiotherapy and specialist clinics – to help anyone suffering from a neurological problem, whether it’s permanent or temporary.

Raising funds to provide these vital services is a constant struggle which is why Wards Solicitor’s Katherine Roe, who works in the Bradley Stoke office, is so delighted to have formed a very special partnership with The Brightwell.

Make a Will – help The Brightwell

Every month, Katherine – an Associate Solicitor in the Wills, Probate and Mental Capacity team – visits The Brightwell to help people who want to make or update a standard Will.

She gives her time and expertise for nothing in return for a donation to the charity.

Katherine says: “Our scheme with The Brightwell has been running for six months now and is proving very popular.

“It is hugely rewarding to be able to provide properly drafted Wills whilst at the same time raising money for such a worthwhile and important cause.

“Many of those who have decided to make a Will attend the centre on a regular basis. It is lovely to hear from them in person about how much they benefit from the therapies offered there and the difference it makes to them.”

Why is it important to make and regularly review your Will?

  • It puts you in control of the final destination of your estate and brings you peace of mind knowing that your family, friends and the charities of your choice will be provided for as you wish.

  • ·It’s an inexpensive way of avoiding difficulties for your family and friends when you die because it sets out exactly what you want.

  • You can appoint people you know and trust as executors so everything is handled how you want for your beneficiaries.

  • ·Regularly updating your Will means you won’t miss out on fast changing tax laws like Inheritance Tax.

  • You can be clear about what kind of funeral you want.

How to make a Will with Wards at The Brightwell

Katherine usually visits the centre on the first Friday of the month but please book ahead by contacting The Brightwell on 01454 201 686 or email

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