Planning for a sustainable tomorrow 

In 2012 we moved from an industrial unit in Nailsea to our very own, purpose built new home. Way back then (all of 8 years ago) the idea of using renewable energy,to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint and become more sustainable, was but a very expensive dream. 


At the start of 2020, pre-Covid, we began to push forward with Phase 2 of The Brightwell, the plan was to increase our therapy space, add a second oxygen chamber and improve the communal areas.

As more of the details were finalised we realised that now was the exactly the right time to explore the eco-friendly options and it quickly became apparent that the dream of going green was not only within reach but was the most fiscally sensible approach.

However 2020 had other plans and we had to divert every resource to continue providing support to the clinically vulnerable members of our community, who rely upon the Centre for therapies and support. 

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project green

The turmoil of 2020 highlighted the need for us to become more sustainable while also minimising our operating costs. Many of our normal fundraising activities were cancelled, cash donations ceased entirely and in-kind donations faded away.


Project Green, although still in the early stages, has begun with a bang as Stephen Barrett, Managing Director of Solarsense, has donated solar panels so that we can significantly reduce our electricity bills and eliminate gas completely. Solarsense has also chosen us to be their charity partner for 2021 and together we will be fundraising to make our green dream a reality.   

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What happens next... 

With advice from Solarsense we've now got a good idea of what we can achieve and you can follow the savings and carbon reductions on this page as the project progresses.

If you'd like to be a part of Project Green there are, so far, three ways to get involved; 

  • Make a donation and mention it's for Project Green in the comments box and we'll email updates about how it's going you can donate any amount

  • Sponsor something from the Project Green Wishlist. Help us to move along with the plan by part or whole sponsoring of a specific item - contact Doro Pasantes, Centre Manager to find out more   

  • An in-kind donation, perhaps you have a specialist skill that we need, or your company makes / installs one of the items on our wishlist, please contact Doro to discuss 

project green

the project green wish list 

At the moment our wish list is quite basic, we've yet to work out estimated costs or the impact we hope each step will have, but our new friends at Solarsense are working on it for us. 


Perhaps you already supply some of the things we're looking for and could help us with quotes, costs, impact statements or a straight donation - either way we'd love to hear from you