Before you head off in a fit of excitement there are a few things we do need you to agree to.


We will be asking that you sign a Fundraising Agreement and we'll give you copy of our Brand Guidelines before you hit the streets. Most of the rules are common sense and they won't stop you having a whole heap of fun during your challenge.

However, there is one rule that we will be enforcing quite strictly - you must not 'top-up' your £35.

All goods and services used during Challenge 35 must be donated by a business or person who is not part of your team, or you should pay for them with the £35 seed money we give you. 

Some do's and some don'ts

  • Do make sure you use our name and charity number on all your advertising and promotional materials. The following phrase should be used;                                                                                                                                            "... in aid of The West of England MS Therapy Centre, reg charity no: 801155" 

  • Do research the legal side of any event/raffle you have planned (public liability, risk assessments, licences and the like)

  • Do get permission from the local authority if needed. For example, street parties with road closures need to be approved by neighbours and the council up to six weeks in advance

  • Do give it your all - a big smile and enthusiasm is a great way to get people to join in

  • Do use your imagination - spring is heading our way maybe a Gnome Clinic for your friends garden ornaments to receive a bit of love before the garden goes wild

  • Do play to your strengths, if you're great at photography or art then show it off! If you're an amazing cook, host a dinner party. Using skills you already have, and enjoy, will make your event so much more fun

  • Do shout about your challenge, post on social media, put posters up at work and around the neighbourhood. Make sure you talk to anyone and everyone about what you're up to 

  • Don't be disappointed if some people say no or don't want to get involved

  • Don't be afraid to ask for gifts, prizes, room hire etc. A surprising number of people, groups and companies are more than happy to support small charity events, especially if you mention that the Centre is local and helps people in the surrounding areas

  • Don't break the law! 

There are also some things we will do to help you.


We agree that we will; 

  • provide all teams the same level of support

  • promote your event on our website

  • sell tickets, if you want, via our website

  • provide timely responses to any queries or questions you may have

  • sing your praises, a lot 

  • link to your event on social media 

Download the necessary literature here.

The Brightwell offers a caring hand to those who need our help. We provide therapies, services and support to help make everyday life easier for people living with long term neurological conditions.


The Centre receives no funding from the NHS and less than 1% of our costs are met by government schemes. The Centre and our members are grateful for the generosity of community groups, businesses and individual fundraisers that allow us to continue to support people in need. We have also been fortunate enough to recently receive a Covid support grant from the National Lottery, this will be used so that we can continue supporting our members during the pandemic.

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