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The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

This year The Brightwell is participating in The Big Give's Christmas Challenge to raise the final funds to enable us to provide our members and the local community with a cafe at our Centre. Our social space has always been an important aspect of our Centre, and the need for an onsite cafe has become more prevalent during this past year to enable our members, many of whom have been isolating, to recover from the pandemic in a safe place.


The Christmas Challenge is a match funding campaign where donations made during the event are doubled by matching them with monies already pledged by supporters. Additional funds can also come from a Big Give Champion which further increases the giving fund.

The Big Give Timeline
  1. Secure Pledges (now until 5 PM 27th August)

  2. The Big Give Christmas Challenge Week runs from noon on 30th November until noon on 7th December 2021


Pledge promises are used to double online donations and could be worth four times their original value.

  • How? Securing pledges makes you eligible for up to the same amount in Champion match funds. If you are allocated Champion match funds, they are combined with your pledges to form your matching pot. This pot doubles online donations made to your charity via theBigGive.org.uk.

  • Example: £2,500 in Pledges could help us to raise £10,000 overall.

To be a part of the Christmas Challenge, we need to secure £1,000 in pledges and our target is to secure £2,500 in pledges. This can be from a single individual or 25 supporters pledging £100 each. £100 is the minimum pledge permitted by The Big Give.

Pledgers’ funds are key in 2 ways –

  1. Other supporters are more likely to contribute to The Brightwell during the 7 days of The Big Give Christmas Challenge if they know that their donation will be matched by a Pledger.

  2. If we secure sufficient pledges then we increase our chances of being chosen by a Big Give Champion who will contribute even more to the pot. 

If you would like to find out more  about The Big Give Christmas Challenge, please email community@thebrightwell.org.uk or call 01454 201686 to speak to our fundraising team.

Key Information

  • A Pledge is a promise of match funding made to a Charity. The Pledge is conditional on the Charity receiving the equivalent amount in online donations on The Big Give Platform – e.g. if you Pledge £100, you are offering to pay up to that amount to a Charity, dependent on them receiving the equivalent amount in Online Donations. You will not be asked to contribute more than your pledged amount.

  • A Pledge must not fulfilled (i.e. paid to the Charity) until after the Match Funding Campaign has finished and before the Pledge deadline.  

  • Pledgers should not make an online donation to the Charity to which they have provided the Pledge during the Match Funding Campaign.

Stay Well Cafe Project
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For people to have a meal, when they find it hard to prepare it for themselves would be wonderful. Then to enjoy with friends is even better for wellbeing.

 - Roger Forbes

For a lot of people with MS they don't do much socially as it is very difficult to find accessible places. To have a cafe, where you can get a hot meal and mix with people who understand how you feel would be amazing.

 - Debbie Sutor