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The Brightwell 100 

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The Brightwell 100 initiative was launched in February 2022 and thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have already been able to put funds towards the new oxygen generation project, the new terrace & garden area, physio team uniforms and equipment, plus new IT equipment for staff and volunteers. Our most recently funded projects are training and start-up equipment for the new FES Clinic and a donated commercial dishwasher, for the café. Brightwell 100 members have also donated labour and discounted goods to help with emergency boiler replacement and donated equipment for the new café. We also have ongoing financial support with sponsored merchandising.


Other money raised from all the numerous fundraising activities, funding from grants and donations from trusts planned and sourced by the Fundraising Team at The Brightwell, will be used to focus on ensuring that The Brightwell’s overheads and running costs are covered. The overall fundraising ensures that therapies are affordable and no one living with a neurological condition is ever turned away, which in most cases means individuals’ physio and oxygen sessions are subsidised by the charity.


Therefore, every pound raised through the Brightwell 100’s corporate fundraising is allocated to specific projects and enhancements from the Wishlist, adding real and immediate value.


The Brightwell, incorporating The West of England MS Therapy Centre, is looking to have a cohort of corporate sponsors each supporting the charity with a “share”, or "part-share", of £1,000. This will enable The Brightwell to develop and increase the services and support on offer those living with chronic neurological conditions.  


There are several ways in which businesses can fund their share/s and become part of The Brightwell 100.

Option 1

A one-off payment of £1,000 made directly to the charity.

If the supporting business is a sole trader/individual, we would be very grateful for the additional support of Gift Aid.

Option 2

The £1,000 donation can be spread over a 12-month period with a standing order of £83.33 per month. If the supporting business is a sole trader/individual, we would be very grateful for the additional support of Gift Aid.

Option 3

You can donate via our dedicated JustGiving page

What are the benefits for The Brightwell 100 “Shareholders”?

  • Supporting a worthwhile charity

  • Enabling the supporting businesess to fulfil their charitable aims and objectives

  • Being associated with a long standing and reputable charity (we will provide you guidelines about the use of our name and logo)

  • Knowledge that 100% of your donation will be used for charitable purposes

  • Tax efficient way to donate with receipts and letters of thanks will be provided 

  • Publicity via our website and social media outlets for the supporting businesses

  • Promotional opportunities with visits to the Centre, photos with staff and Centre members (with usual permissions and safeguarding in place)

  • Use of the new meeting room and café area, subject to availability

  • Regular updates and stewardship of your donation 

Jane an oxygen volunteer wearing PPE and standing outside the oxygen chamber
Rachel with her rollator at the front door of The Brightwell

How your support will be used

The charity has a wide range of projects and ongoing requirements to develop the offer to members and service users. In most cases Brightwell 100 members will be able to have an input into where their donated funds are used, especially in the case of larger donations.

Our current projects and “Wishlist fall into seven main categories

For more details and costs for specific items please click here to view, or download, our latest Wishlist.

We are grateful for the support of our Brightwell 100 members 

What to do next 

For further information please contact our Brightwell 100 co-ordinator,

Thank you for your interest in The Brightwell 100. 

Ways to keep in touch with updates regarding The Brightwell 100

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