Get Involved and be part of something amazing

Fundraising need not be scary or daunting, in fact the key to ensuring the success of an event often rests on whether the organisers themselves have fun, after all what would fundraising be without the fun!  

The ways you can entice those pennies your way are really only limited by your imagination and the time you can spare. So whether you choose to manage a collection pot in your local shop, run a marathon, host a quiz night or organise a grand gala we'll be right behind you to provide all the advice, support and, of course, cheerleading you could possibly want. 

If you're stuck for inspiration just now have a look at some of the events that you could take part in. 

If you need anything to help with your fundraising visit the fundraising toolkit for tips and materials or email us at 

Sky Dive

Just one small step could raise so much

Bicycle Store
Cycling Events

You should ride your bicycle, bicycle, bicycle 

Collecting Tins.jpg
Collection Pots

Give a home to one of our ever so lonely pots

Image by Efe Kurnaz

Splish, Splash you could be raising some cash 

Bake Sale

You make the cakes, sell the cakes, perhaps we get cakes?

Group Running
Running Events

You support us and we support you

Quiz Nights

Get quizzical for charity 

Organise a fundraising event

Get Sponsored


Become a "Brightwell Beacon"  

Charity Schemes 

Payroll Giving 

Some Inspiration