a new beginning 

We are open for physiotherapy


In order to ensure your safety and that of the team, various new measures have been put in place, this means that we won't be able to see as many people in a day as we did pre-COVID.


Please be assured that we are doing our very best to allocate these appointments and we ask for your understanding as we try to organise this in the fairest way possible. To further help, we would be grateful if everyone could arrive at least 10 minutes before their appointment to allow plenty of time to follow the protocols set out for entering the Centre, please remember that a fitted face mask, or visor, must be worn at all times when you are inside the Centre. 

We give you a ring to find out what you need


 You complete the consent form (below)

We'll carry out a virtual assessment

You get the appointment that suits you best


Before attending the Centre for your physio appointment it is very important you complete the online consent form 

All members who wish to access physiotherapy or the gym will have to have provided consent, if you would prefer to fill in the form by hand you can download it here Paper forms must be returned to the Centre before therapy can take place. 



Beginning Physiotherapy

Accessing physiotherapy is going to involve a few extra steps for the safety of you and us, and we ask for your patience as we work through these.

One of the safety measures added is the compulsory wearing of a fitted face mask for anyone who enters the Centre, if you cannot wear a mask you must wear a visor during your visit. For the duration of your physio appointment we will provide you with a clear visor to wear over your eyes and your fitted mask, this is to protect both you and your therapist from the additional risks of exposure during the close contact needed for physiotherapy. 


Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all of the other processes and to read the Physiotherapy Operating Procedures, if you have any questions or would appreciate something explained we are more than happy to help just drop us an email or ring us on 01454 201 686.

Here's a quick look at what arriving for physio at the Centre will look like for now.

Arriving for physio
Arriving for physio

The Brightwell offers a caring hand to those who need our help. We provide therapies, services and support to help make everyday life easier for people living with long term neurological conditions.


The Centre receives no funding from the NHS and less than 1% of our costs are met by government schemes. The Centre and our members are grateful for the generosity of community groups, businesses and individual fundraisers that allow us to continue to support people in need. We have also been fortunate enough to recently receive a Covid support grant from the National Lottery, this will be used so that we can continue supporting our members during the pandemic.

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We currently close on weekends and bank holidays.

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