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New Cardio Wall donated by Rugged Interactive

We have recently taken delivery of an outstanding piece of equipment kindly lent to us by Rugged Interactive.

Several months ago, Libby Jordan, our Community and Events Development Officer, attended an event at the Empire Fighting Chance Charity based in Easton, Bristol. The key speaker for the event was Bob Reeves from the Foundation for Leadership through Sport.

Libby was inspired by both the work Empire Fighting Chance do and by Bob’s talk. There was a piece of equipment being used which fascinated Libby and after showing an interest Bob introduced her to Robin Mills, from Rugged Interactive, who had supplied the Cardio Wall, which was the name of the equipment.

The cardio wall is a highly interactive piece of equipment to develop fitness, coordination, movement and speed. Libby discussed at length the potential benefits for our members and service users at The Brightwell. Robin was keen to help and after discussions with the Directors at Rugged Interactive, they generously delivered a Cardio Wall Landscape to The Brightwell.

This new piece of equipment was welcomed by the physio team and they have already been impressed by users positive reactions to using the wall.

Due to the highly engaging nature of the activity, it helps develop not only positive physical strength and coordination but also aids mental agility.

We are exceptionally grateful to Rugged Interactive. On 16 October, they team from Rugged Interactive came a videoed some of our physio team and members using the equipment to use in one of their promotional videos.

We have promised to provide Rugged Interactive with feedback, not only to help our own physio users but potentially others living with chronic and neurological condition.

Thank you to everyone involved, your interest in our charity and commitment is greatly appreciated.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a lovely addition to our armoury.

Christmas party competition perhaps??

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