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How’s this for an exciting way to raise funds for The Brightwell? Dragon Boat Racing!

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club have chosen The Brightwell as the headline charity for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival.

What is Dragon Boat Racing?

Crews of up to 16 (minimum crew of 12) sit in pairs and paddle, each boat also has to supply a drummer to beat and, hopefully, keep everyone rowing in time. Sponsorship per team is a minimum of £1500, which is less than £100 each for a full team. Dragon Boat Events Ltd supply a fully trained and a professional helmsperson in the stern (back) to guide the boat, full first aid facilities and lifeguards. They also provide all the kit needed such as buoyancy aids, safety briefing, full instructions and, quite importantly, the paddles.

Teams compete in Dragon Boats, which are a bit like a big canoe but with a carved dragons head on the bow and a dragon’s tail on the stern.

When and Where?

Sunday 19 June 2022. Baltic Wharf, Bristol Marina, racing begins at 10:00 am

Who can take part​?

To be part of the boat crew you'll need to walk on a narrow floating pontoon to get in (and out) of the boat, you will also need to support yourself when in the boat so that you can wield the paddle or bang the drum, for this event, to be on the boat you must be over 16. Although the safety record of the organisers is impeccable and buoyancy aids are provided, to take part in the racing you must be confident in your ability to swim 50 yards, fully clothed.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to be involved shore side with The Brightwell support crew and all the teams will certainly benefit from a crowd of cheering supporters!

Join the Brightwell Buccaneers!​

We weren't going to walk away from the chance to take part in this! The Brightwell team will be made up from friends, family, Centre members, staff and trustees. If you think you fit the bill email Rhona at the Centre. As we are likely to be a smaller team we hope our crew will manage to achieve about £300 in sponsorship each. Please call Rhona at The Brightwell on 01454 201686

How to take part

Be it pals, your work mates or a sports team get yourself a crew together! You must register with the Bristol Breakfast Rotary. More info on the event can be found here or on our website

Thank you for your support

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