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Oxygen Generation Our Fundraising Priority

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The Brightwell is very fortunate to offer Oxygen Therapy as its USP. More than 500 sessions on average, are offered each month to members living with neurological conditions as well as to those battling cancer and other chronic ailments. We have also been able to support professional athletes in speeding up their recovery from injury including well-known local cricket, football, and rugby players.

The Oxygen Therapy takes place in a Barochamber; this is an airtight vessel just like a commercial aircraft and like an aircraft the air pressure inside it is controlled. Depending on what you find comfortable you will breathe pure oxygen at between one and a half to two times normal atmospheric pressure. The benefit of breathing oxygen in a pressurised environment is that your body can absorb more oxygen.

Although the damage caused by neurological conditions cannot be prevented or cured by oxygen therapy, many people throughout the world find that it reduces some of their symptoms.

For more details about our Oxygen Generation project please visit

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