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Report from our Physio Team Regarding the MS Trust Conference

You may recall that last month the Physio Team went to the 2024 MS Trust Conference.

This was a great success and below is a brief summary. Please follow the link to view the full report.

This report has been compiled from feedback supplied by the three Physiotherapist who attended the 3-day conference, namely  Amrik Sidhu, Bhumika Vaghela and Max Hinton.

The conference took place between Sunday 17  and Tuesday 19 March  at The Leonardo Conference Centre, Hinckley in the East Midlands.

The cost of the Brightwell Physiotherapy team was funded through the MS Trust Bursary Scheme, National Lottery and the Brightwell’s training budget. Unfortunately, Millie Rutherford could not attend due to illness.

The team had decided upon a strategy of attending as many seminars and workshops as possible in order to gain the maximum exposure to new information, to share between each other and to feedback to the team on return to work. It was an extensive programme starting at 7am and going through to 10pm on two nights, but this did include breaks and a Conference Dinner on the Monday Evening.

The overall feedback was that the conference was very enjoyable, well organized and packed full of opportunities to learn,

The team have a clear strategy about how their findings will be used.

Amrik says ”We have also made links with the Charity Overcoming MS and are working with them to offer an informative workshop at the Brightwell, introducing a healthy lifestyle program and sharing their free resources with our Service Users.

We plan to conduct similar exercises at the Brightwell to increase the level of excellence in the services we provide to members. We are currently working on a guideline document to raise awareness amongst our Centre colleagues, staff and volunteers around self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and prevention. Our next task is to introduce cognitive behavioural therapies in our exercise classes to help people with pain and fatigue symptoms.

We are extremely grateful to have been a part of this years’ MS Trust conference and look forward to implementing all the learning we have taken from the seminars, lectures, and workshops we attended and all the links we have made with other HCPs and organisations.” 


Please view or download the full report below

Report from The MS Trust Conference 2024
Download PDF • 68KB

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