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The Brightwell Colour Run – What a fabulous day!!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The Brightwell Colour Run took place on Sunday 11 June 2023 at The Jubilee Green in Bradley Stoke.

The Colour Run is by far the biggest and most successful community event that The Brightwell has ever organised. The drivng force and lead organiser of this fun-filled day was Libby Jordan our Community and Events Development Officer.

As this was our first-ever Colour Run and also the first held in Bradly Stoke, it involved months of planning.

The event was very well supported by our key sponsors, the Willow Brook Shopping Centre, the Aztec Hotel, the Black Sheep Kitchen & Bar, West Country Water Park and Woodstock Homes. Each sponsor had their own “Colour Station”and had the enjoyable job of covering the runners in their designated colour as the participants went through.

On the actual day Jubilee Green looked great and we were very well supported by lots of volunteers to ensure that the day went smoothly.

The event had been advertised on our website, social media platforms and around and about Bradley Stoke. We were thrilled to have sold out of tickets for the two heats, selling over 300 tickets, plus each sponsor had 10 free places so it was a success to say the least!

We had been watching the weather forcasts as there was a number of mixed messages during the week building up to the big day, with predictions of 30 degree heatwaves, thunderstorms and heavy cloud bursts, we weren’t sure what to expect. On the day itsself, it was overcast and a bit drizzly but the general opinion was that this was definitely better compared to thunder and lightening!

The lovely people of Bradley Stoke and our Brightwell supporters turned out in significant numbers and there was a great deal of excitement in the build up to the first heat. The event started with a warm up with Bhumika, one of our physiotherapists.

We were delighted that Cllr Dayley Lawrence, Mayor of Bradley Stoke and our CEO, Doro Pasantes started the event off with a shower of mauve paint to get the runners ready for what was to come.

Every single person had a great time from the two-year old who wanted every colour on his new trainers through to grandparents who were accompanying their families and everyone wanted us to do a Colour Run every year. Victoria Hocquard, Head of Fundraising commented ”Wow, it’s been such an amazing day the feedback from all those who have taken part, oir supporters and all our helpers are so keen for us to make this an annual event.

Check out this brilliant video- great images from the day!!

Not only was this a great event to develop and increase awareness of The Brightwell, in Bradley Stoke, but we raised a staggering £4,800!

Thank you to everyone who made our first Colour Run such a fantastic

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