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Where will these newly installed electric doors lead?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

As many of you are aware either from visiting the Centre or following developments via our social media, the new members area is making real progress.

At the end of last week, the new electric doors were installed. Funds to pay for these were donated last December and we will be able to share more information about that donor very soon.

These new doors will lead out onto our new terrace area. The Brightwell 100 is our biggest corporate fundraising project that we have ever undertaken and one of the projects under that umbrella is a cafe lounge and terrace.

The next stage of this exciting project is to have an accessible outdoor space leading from the cafe lounge for members to have an enjoyable place to relax and meet with others

We are now looking to raise funds for the following items:

  • To create a hard standing patio area adjacent to the new door for external access. The space will be a square of 8 metres x 8 metres with non-slip paviours.

  • The existing two wooden planters will be moved to the south side of the patio and 4 new planters will be built on the north side of the area.

  • We will also need to purchase some additional garden seating and shading

The Brightwell will be happy to install small brass “thank you” signs on the timber elements to show the sponsor names if appropriate. Likewise, for larger donation the Centre will be delighted for individual items to be sponsored and businesses will be able to publicise their donations and support of this partnership.

Prices are inclusive of materials, labour and VAT. Support can be made by funding or donated labour.

Patio including levelling base and non-slip paviours £5160

4 wooden planters- made from sleepers tbc £600

3 x wooden table sets £900

2 x shades £400

Project total £7,060

Please visit to find out how you can help and become one of The Brightwell 100.

If you would like to discuss your involvement in more detail, please email Caz Blake-Symes on

Thank you so much.

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