... the bright way to stay well 

At the Brightwell there are a range of therapies and specialist clinics and all aim to;

reduce recovery time from injury, help manage the symptoms of your condition and improve overall wellbeing

Each therapists is fully qualified in their field and registered with the relevant professional bodies.

Any activity / therapy at the Centre undergoes a thorough Covid risk assessment and all safety protocols are followed. 

*Where a suggested minimum contribution is shown this is the amount that we would like members to contribute towards their therapy, however, we have never denied someone support due to financial reasons and we never will.

We continually fundraise to subsidise the costs of therapies and do not profit from member contributions.


If you wish to access therapy at The Brightwell for a non-neurological condition please click HERE for a price list.  

Oxygen therapy can be used in the treatment of a variety of health conditions as well as aiding in recovery from injuries, stroke and cancer treatments. 

It is one of the main therapies we provide at the Centre and since we began therapies, in 1985, we have carried out over 100,000 individual, safe, sessions in our barochamber. 

Clinical & Sports massage

Sports massage isn't just for sporty types! Massage works with the whole body and has been shown to have a positive effect both mechanically and neurologically. 

If you're recovering from an injury massage, combined with physiotherapy and oxygen may help speed up the healing process. 

... in progress

Maintaining mobility can be a challenge for many people with neurological conditions, particularly where there are also issues with pain and spasticity.

We offer regular physiotherapy sessions to help people maintain muscle strength and mobility through tailored exercise programmes, in our purpose-built, fully accessible gym.

Virtual therapy

After the lockdowns and other restrictions of the last year we have started to embrace the online world, we now offer Physio classes by Zoom, online meditation and, soon, archived exercise classes. 

... in progress

Acupuncture has been used as a complementary treatment for MS since the 1970's it has been shown to stabilise and improve many symptoms associated with neurological conditions.

NICE often recommend the use of acupuncture to manage chronic pain and as far back as 2013 were encouraging people with MS to seek it out. 

Specialist Clinics

The Centre provides access to a variety of specialist clinics, both medical and advice-based. These include a spasticity clinic (referral only), Benefits Advice Service and Advocacy, MS Nurse Clinic, Bladder and Bowel Wellness Clinic, and Foot health.