Specialist Clinics

Right now we are offering a limited selection of these clinics, that doesn't mean we can't organise some help for you so please ring us with any questions you have

Bladder and bowel confidence

The Bladder and Bowel Wellness clinic is back on a monthly basis.


The first clinic is on Wednesday 18th August 2021


If you are experiencing any bladder and/or bowel issues such as increased urgency and  frequency,  retention, constipation or diarrhoea, or would just like some advice about anything bladder/bowel related, Carole Copestake our Continence Specialist Nurse is here to help. Please call reception to book.

Foot health

Once a month, visit the Centre or call us to find out dates 

North Somerset MS Nurse

Only available to residents of North Somerset, once a month, visit the Centre or call us to find out dates

Spasticity Clinic

External clinic, appointments must be made with Dr Angus Graham

Benefits and Advocacy Service with Bristol Citizens Advice Bureau

First Tuesday of the month available only to members with Multiple Sclerosis 

AAA Clinic

NHS run clinic, appointments by GP referral