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Coming Soon - Foot Health and Care Sessions

We are delighted to welcome Therese Staniland to the Brightwell from Wednesday 2 August 2023.

Therese Staniland, originally from South Africa and has been in the beauty and nail industry since 2002, she was a trainer for Star Nails and owned her own training school in South Africa. She will be offering specialist foot care treatments and procedures.

She is qualified as a Level 4 foot health practitioner and is passionate about the therapies she offers.

Services Include:

  • ·Cut and file nails

  • ·Nail reconstruction

  • ·Care in diabetic Feet

  • ·Corns

  • ·Hard skin removal (Callus)

  • ·Veruca Treatment (Verrutop)

  • ·Ingrowing toenails

  • ·Nail fungus treatment

  • ·Foot or Lower Leg Massage

  • ·Manicures with gel polish.

2 sessions per month from Wednesday 2nd August.

30 minutes or 1hr appointments available.

Follow up sessions 6/8 weeks.


30 mins £25

60 mins £40

Please call reception to make an appointment – Don’t miss out!

Call us on 01454 201686 or email

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