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Free Bladder and Bowel Clinic for Brightwell Members

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new Clinical Nurse Specialist, called Cath Dixon from Hollister, carrying out appointments here at the Centre.

Up to 70% of people with MS will be affected by either bladder or bowel problems at some point, discussing any issues, however small, can really help. Common problems include increased urgency/frequency, retention, constipation, leakage or diarrhoea

Many other neurological conditions will also face similar problems with bladder and bowel health.

Our Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cath Dixon, has many years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge concerning neurogenic bladder symptoms.

Cath would be very pleased to answer any of your bladder and bowel questions or address any concerns you may have around this area.

This clinic is freely available for all current members of The Brightwell.

Who is Hollister?

The roots of Hollister Incorporated date back to 1921, when 23-year-old entrepreneur John Dickinson Schneider founded a small printing company in Chicago, which he named JDS Printer Craftsman.

From the very beginning, John Schneider's business philosophy was "only first class is good enough," and the company became known for its quality products, quality service, and quality people.

Innovation in Medical Products

In the decades that followed, John Schneider's company evolved from the printing industry to the medical products industry — developing quality medical products and services under the name Hollister. Early in the 1960s, an employee who had a family member with an ostomy came to John Schneider with an idea to develop ostomy products. With dynamic innovations and quality products, Hollister Incorporated revolutionized ostomy care and provided much-needed solutions for people who had undergone ostomy surgery. In subsequent years, Hollister continued to expand its range of medical products and services to include Continence Care, Wound Care, and Critical Care.

The Schneiders' Legacy

John Schneider and his wife, Minnie Schneider, created a strong sense of family within the company. They built Hollister Incorporated on the underlying principles of Dignity of the Person, Integrity, Service, and Stewardship.

Today, Hollister Incorporated is still independent and employee owned. With manufacturing and distribution facilities on three continents, Hollister is serving the global community; yet, the spirit of Hollister remains the same as that small printing company that began in Chicago in 1921.

Member Review

Helen and Mike Murphy had an appointment with Cath when she was with us in August.

Here is what they had to say…

"As you may already know, MS poses some really difficult and embarrassing effects in the bladder and bowel department! Nurse Cath welcomed us warmly at The Brightwell and immediately made us feel at home in her room, ready to talk about this most intimate and basic human function.

She listened to each of the problems being faced and knew exactly what we were going through. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and simple tips were helpful and easy to understand. We left the appointment feeling very confident and looking forward to being able to cope so much better than before."

Next visit

Cath’s next visit will be on Thursday 5 October from 10.30am to 330pm.

Please call 01454 201686 or email to book an appointment.

Further information

Please click here to visit our Specialist Clinic page on our website for details about other clinics available.

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