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Please help us by sponsoring one of The Brightwell 100 projects.

The Brightwell 100 initiative was launched in February 2022 and thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have already been able to put funds towards the new oxygen generation project, the new outdoor space and new terrace enhancements.

Although all these projects are very important to us, the Oxygen Generation project is the most important currently, as this will guarantee supply and continuation of our oxygen therapy sessions. Much of this project is well underway but we need a further £28,000 to complete it.

There are several new additions to the July 2022 list including much needed IT equipment for the dedicated staff and volunteers plus additional items for the physiotherapy department. Please click here to download our July Wishlist from

If you would like to discuss any of these items in more detail or to discuss any other queries regarding The Brightwell 100, please contact Caroline Blake-Symes on 07970 038135 or email

Thank you for your support.

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