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The Brightwell 100 Christmas 2022 update

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We just wanted to send a Christmas greeting and an update regarding The Brightwell 100.

This corporate fundraising initiative was set up in February this year and has been a great success already.

Donations have also been made in terms of donated services and we are grateful to Blackfriars Auto Services for helping us out in an emergency.

Thanks to generous donations we have been able to support the Oxygen Generation project, which was a massive fundraising challenge led by Victoria Hocquard, Head of Fundraising, with donations being given through Trusts and Grants. We started creating our own oxygen in August and this now guarantees supply and quality as we are now independent from a supplier and even despite the increased usage of electricity, we are still making significant savings. This project was supported by Shiptheory and MBS Land and New Homes.

The new outdoor terrace area has been a fantastic addition to the Centre, and has developed way beyond our initial hopes with accessible electric doors leading out onto the new terrace which has been fully landscaped and the addition of a large covered gazebo has been the icing on the cake! In terms of Brightwell 100 supporters this was thanks to Woodstock Homes, Bristol Mortgages Online and Craig West Turf and Landscaping.

Other projects have included new LED motion sensor lights for the outside car park area which will be installed this month thanks to the Howards Group who also paid for the electronic doors as part of last Christmas’s Big Give.

Woodstock Homes have become very involved in our community at the Centre, via The Brightwell 100. Through very generous donations, they have sponsored much of the new terrace, new physio uniforms marketing and merchandising materials on an ongoing basis plus most recently much needed IT equipment.

Our most recent new member is AJH Governance who have paid for the urgently needed repairs to some physio equipment and oxygen masks for new service users.

We regularly post updates on the following platforms

Our next significant project is to raise money to convert all the interior lighting to LED to avoid dramatic increases in electricity costs and to further commit to our sustainability strategy. Details of this alongside our latest Brightwell 100 Wishlist can be found on our webpage.

Our new café area is almost complete and will be open in January 2023.

Our new meeting rooms are fully operational and as Brightwell 100 supporters, preferential rates will be applied.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Brightwell 100 supporter please contact Caz Blake-Symes on or call 07970 038135.

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