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The Brightwell Welcomes Inclusive Change!

The Brightwell is always looking for ways in which to support their community of Members as well as the local community. As a registered charity that has supported people affected by neurological conditions for over 30 years The Brightwell understands first hand that there are many invisible barriers to inclusion that can affect so many in society.

A hugely important part of the work that the Brightwell does is enabling independence and fostering confidence. Particularly so that people affected by neurological conditions can continue to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. A large part of this is helping people remain in paid or voluntary employment, for as long as possible.

A career can be a huge part of person’s identity, and is something that many able bodied, or neurotypical people can take for granted. Being able to remain in work, is of huge benefit, economically, socially, and of course financially. Being able to achieve success in a profession can really help people affected by illness, or disability feel in control of their lives. With this in mind The Brightwell is excited to welcome an amazing organisation to their Centre in Bradley Stoke!

Inclusive Change works with organisations to promote awareness and a better understanding of neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and more), alongside supporting individuals to achieve greater success in the workplace. Inclusive Change have a range of free resources available on their website and offer courses, coaching and access to work services for individuals, businesses, leaders and families. They also champion digital safety for young people. They are at The Centre Monday-Friday and can be contacted via their website

Inclusive Change are also digital safety champions and will be hosting The Castle Conference: Digital Safety and Wellbeing for Young People on 24th April at leigh Court Bristol for further details click here: digital wellbeing for young people 25 April 2024 (



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A big and hearty “Welcome!” to Inclusive Change. A fantastic opportunity for symbiosis.

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