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Welcome Classeq Ltd to The Brightwell 100!

We are delighted to welcome Classeq Ltd to The Brightwell 100. In early May, Nick Sanders from RH Hall, also Brightwell 100 members, introduced us to Nick Burridge, National Sales Manager for Classeq.

Nick Sanders had kindly told Nick Burridge about his visit to The Brightwell, in early 2023, and all about the work we do in supporting those living with neurological conditions. Nick S also advised that we were opening our own café for our service users and the local community.

Classeq, who are based in Milton Keynes, manufacture and distribute top quality commercial dishwashers and glass washers, kindly offered to donate a commercial dishwasher for the Brightwell Café.

Steve Fitt, our Facilities Manager, and Nick B, discussed all the suitable options. the best dishwasher option for us was chosen, including a water softener. The following week, the new dishwasher was installed and set up. All the team at The Brightwell are amazed at how speedy and quiet the new machine is.

On Wednesday 21 June, we were delighted to welcome Nick Burridge to the Centre to have a look at the new piece of equipment in situ and to have a tour of the Centre. It was a delight to meet Nick and he has promised to try and help us grow our Brightwell 100 network, by introducing contacts to us.

The photo shows Nick Burridge, Steve Fitt and Caz Blake-Symes, Brightwell 100 Co-ordinator

Everyone at The Brightwell would like to thank Nick, Andy Salter, MD at Classeq and Glen Dawson, Head of Marketing for their generosity and interest in our charity.

To find out more about Classeq please visit

The Brightwell 100 is a growing network of corporate sponsors supporting The Brightwell either through financial donations for specific projects or through donated services or goods.

Further details can be found at

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