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Welcome Woodstock Homes to The Brightwell100!

We are delighted to welcome Woodstock Homes to The Brightwell 100.

Martin Newman, owner/MD of Woodstock Homes, recently visited the Centre and was very supportive not only with a generous donation but also with some positive insights into future strategies.

Martin is keen that his donation is used towards enhancing the proposed new outdoor space. Everyone at The Brightwell is very much looking forward to using this new addition to our facilities. The groundworks, build and alterations will start shortly, hopefully in time for members to be able to enjoy the summer sunshine.

Woodstock Homes is a privately-owned developer, with an established regional reputation, focused on creating and delivering high-quality homes, in desirable locations. Woodstock Homes is predominantly based in the Southwest of England and South Wales.

For more information, please visit

Thank you so much to Martin and the Woodstock team - we look forward to welcoming you back to The Brightwell very soon.

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