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Woodstock Homes fund our new IT Equipment

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Over the past 12 months, Woodstock Homes have been incredibly generous in supporting us through a variety of different projects including, the new outdoor terrace, physio uniforms, merchandising, and marketing materials.

However, their most recent contribution has made a huge difference to many of our staff and volunteers.

In the past, we have used donated IT hardware, or where this has been purchased, the specification is now outdated.

Across most departments, there has been a need to upgrade pcs, laptops, and monitors to improve efficiency and reduce frustration through slow devices and limited functionality.

The brand-new equipment included:

2 Video Conferencing Monitors for our CEO and one for a member of the fundraising team to ensure that Team calls are much easier to set up and look very professional.

8 new Dell Monitors were also purchased, which will be used across the charity including in Reception, in the physio department as well as for the admin team.

3 Desktops and 6 Wireless Keyboard and mouse sets have also ensured reliability and efficiency to the users who are all delighted with their new equipment.

The photos show some of our staff members enjoying their newly purchased items. The featured employees shown in the photos include:

Amrik - Lead Physiotherapist, Doro our CEO, Libby - Community and Events Development Officer, Shelley – one of our Reception team, Victoria - Head of Fundraising (working from home)

Victoria enthused “I can honestly say that having the new setup is a game-changer for me. The speed of connection, especially to the office VPN is absolutely fantastic. After struggling with my own second-hand equipment for several years, having a kit I can rely on, that whizzes along and doesn’t have any foibles or quirks is amazing. Added to that I can do Zoom and Teams calls seamlessly without using my mobile, this has all increased productivity and relieved my frustration with slow and old tech, so much. Thank you to Martin Newman and all the Woodstock Team.”

This IT upgrade has made such a massive difference to everyone involved here at The Brightwell.

To find out more about the Brightwell 100 click on one of the following links.

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Or call Caz Blake-Symes on 07970 038135

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