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A new Defibrillator for The Brightwell

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

A few months ago, it was discussed that it would be very beneficial for The Brightwell to have its own on-site defibrillator. There were two very important reasons for this.

Primarily, to potentially save the life of anyone using, volunteering, or working at the Centre who might have a cardiac arrest. Many if not most of our service users have pre-existing health conditions, so we obviously have a duty of care to them and having a defibrillator to hand reduces the time in which we can start any possible emergency treatment required.

Secondly, we want to encourage clinics and practitioners to use our excellent facilities. Some of these clinicians/practitioners have a check list of standards that we need to meet. Due to the facility being purpose-built we already meet most of the criteria. This new on-site defibrillator strengthens our case for them to use our therapy rooms. The advantages of having clinicians onsite benefits The Brightwell by providing much needed income, the ability to be able to offer additional specialist therapies for our users and to increase awareness of the charity via these clinics.

Victoria Hocquard, Head of Fundraising, secured funding for this new defibrillator from Westfield Health, for which we are most grateful. We would also like to thank Rotary Club of Bristol Breakfast for their kind dnation, which enabled us to buy and install the purpose-builr storage cabinet.

The new piece of potentially life-saving equipment is in a wall mounted case in the vestibule. It meets all the latest standards and is simple to use.

Let’s hope we never need to use it, but it gives peace of mind to know it’s there.

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