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Amazing work by the Lloyds Banking Group Volunteers!

As a charity, we depend on our Volunteers who work with us on a regular basis.

However, at The Brightwell, we are very fortunate to also be supported by groups of volunteers that come to us from the corporate sector.

Huge thanks to two teams from Lloyds Banking Group who volunteered, one group helped out in May and the other last week.

We were so impressed with what they achieved, the first group, who helped with weeding and clearing paths also worked incredibly hard sanding down and revarnishing most of our outdoor furniture. They even supplied the varnish!

The second team also did a brilliant job in the garden – clearing and digging out a big border ready for our new shed and helping us with rearranging space in our large storage container. They also did some weeding and sweeping for us and helped remove the old shed store! One of the team also dedicated some time to help us with some IT/admin tasks.

They were all absolute stars and worked incredibly hard – they also enjoyed lunch from our cafe and were careful to stay hydrated while doing all the hard digging!


Many thanks to all of them!




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