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Bradley Stoke Fireworks Display 5 November

We were delighted to take part in, yet another excellent community event organised by Bradley Stoke Town Council, this time a really well attended Firework Display, taking place on 5 November.

Sharon Petela, Town Clerk, commented” We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this year’s Fireworks Display so successful. We genuinely could not run the event without this support and goodwill from the volunteer marshals and bucket collectors plus the brilliant support from Bradley Stoke Radio. Also, the amazing Bradley Stoke Rotary Club with their very well organised BBQ.”

This year's Firework Display was an amazing event with the rain holding off until the event had finished. The setting off the fireworks to music (with a movie theme) was the finishing touch. So much positive feedback has been received with many people saying it is the best fireworks display they have attended. It was lovely to see so many residents of the town gathering to enjoy the free event.

Everyone at The Brightwell would like to thank Libby Jordan and all the volunteers who wrapped up warm and rattled their collecting buckets. The bucket collection on the night has now been counted and the final bucket collection total was over £2,400, money was also received through app donations, food vendor contributions and various stalls. The total is expected to be in the region of £3,000.

The Brightwell is very fortunate to be one of three charities benefitting from the night’s fundraising. The other two charities selected by the Mayor are Prostate Cancer UK and Mamas Bristol.

We always feel very privileged to be supported by the wonderful community of Bradley Stoke. Thank you to everyone who took part and donated.

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