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Bristol Beacon’s Access Register and Accessibility

As anyone with a disability or limited mobility will know, going out can be a challenge.

I thought that it might be worthwhile giving you a quick review of my positive experience at the recently refurbished Bristol Beacon.

I went to the Colston Hall a few years ago  with my husband and friends. Although we got to our seats via chair lifts to get into the auditorium, when the performance started,  It was not possible to sit next to my friends and although we had booked tickets at the front of a section, I was sat on my own, in my wheelchair,  in front of the others!

However, my experience on 9 May in the evening was completely different and very enjoyable.

I had registered on their Access Register a few months earlier, This was very easy to do and they only required a scan/photo of my most recent PIP confirmation letter.

The benefits are that the person going with you goes free. I paid the standard price of £48 for my ticket and nothing for Martin. You also get advanced email notification of any new events.

On the evening itself, the main foyer is similar with plenty of lifts and accessible loos, big enough for electric wheelchairs. The major change was in the new auditorium which is amazing.

We were in row S, Martin had a standard seat and there was a space next to him for my chair. Plenty of space behind and easy access to leave or to use the loo.

The position was excellent. The row configuration meant that I could have gone with up to 3 people in standard seats, the seating plan shows the different accessible seating  locations

We went in via the back entrance. Although Level 1 has lots of parking in Trenchard Street NCP, there is a steep slope down to the pavement and I think some might struggle to push back up it.. Ideally get dropped off.

We didn’t use them but there are places to get food and a fully accessible bar.

I hope this helps. It’s nice to go out and feel   “normal”, we will definitely go again.

Caz Blake-Symes


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