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Community Colour Run 2024

On Sunday 9 June The Brightwell held its Colour Run for the second consecutive year at the Jubilee Green fields in Bradley Stoke. It was another great success with hundreds of families and supporters taking part!

This Colour Run was one of the final events of  the Bradley Stoke Festival weekend. The race covered an approximate 3km course and the competitors were not only showered with colored powder paint during the run, but were each supplied with their own powder paint to throw, making the whole event a multicolored spectacle!

So much hard work goes into organising such events and we would like to thank our fantastic fundraising team for ensuring that everything was so enjoyable.

There was lots of music and entertainment thanks to Andy Heath on the PA system, providing sound and commentary from his vantage point on stage above the main field. The race started with a warm up by Anytime Fitness and then the two heats were officially started by Bradley Stoke’s newly appointed Mayor, Natalie Field.

The success of these fundraising events is thanks to the support and dedication of so many people. We would like to thank our key sponsor for the day, Woodstock Homes, the supporters of the colour stations the Willow Brook Centre, West Country Water Park and Brightwell’s own team, comprising  of staff and volunteers. The cost of the eye protective sunglasses was paid for by Explore Learning. This year, each competitor was also awarded with a lovely shiny medal sponsored by Newgate Construction. The first aid cover provided by Bristol Ambulance Services was sponsored by Bristol and Weston Mortgages Online. Of course, our gratitude also goes to the Bradley Stoke Town Council for letting us run the event, and to their members of staff who helped out on the day.

We have some fantastic photos and drone footage from the day, with many thanks to Guy St Ledger, Simon Green and Keith Taylor.

As with everything we do here at The Brightwell, it’s always a Brightwell Community team effort.  Last Sunday’s event was a perfect example of this, as we were supported by Brightwell staff and their families, Brightwell volunteers, local running club volunteers (who did a brilliant job marshalling the course) as well as representatives from the Lion’s Rotary Club, who helped us organise the raffle.

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Lara who was the principal event organiser, and who had her whole family helping out - thank you Carnell family members! 

Not only was this an amazing community event but an fantastic £4,400 was raised for The Brightwell!

If you would like to keep in touch with everything we do here at The Brightwell, sign up to our blog, please visit  you can also follow us on social media via the links on our website

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