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Could you benefit from an Energy Grant or Loan?

Photo from UKEM eligibility page


We have become aware of two really great schemes that might be of benefit to members of our Brightwell Community.

With the cost of energy  and the  need to take a greener and more efficient approach to heating and running our homes, any advice and help is always welcome.

We would like to signpost a couple of sites that may be of interest and draw your attention to what options and support may be available.

The details for these two  options are below.

UK Energy Management   

Go to the website and find out more about what they say…..

Fully funded solutions to improve your homes energy efficiency

Find out if you are eligible for 100% FREE energy efficiency upgrades, simply entering your postcode:

​At UKEM, we can’t stop the energy crisis, but we can help soften the blow for struggling families throughout the UK.

How do I know I’m eligible for the government’s FREE energy scheme?

Find out if you’re eligible RIGHT NOW by filling in our quick and simple application form. It only takes a minute to complete and could lead to you saving hundreds of pounds in heating bills throughout the year!

​The best part is that we do all the hard work for you! We’ll organise the grant on your behalf. Plus, we’ll even arrange the fitting at a time to suit you (all performed by certified and accredited installers for your peace of mind).

Under the official Government backed ECO4 scheme, you can get FREE home energy improvements!

You can get heating upgrades and insulation improvements, completely FREE!

FREE Heating System Upgrades

FREE Wall and Loft Insulation

FREE Smart Controls

FREE Solar Panels

FREE Air Source Heat Pumps

FREE Electric Storage Heaters

FREE Gas Boilers

FREE First Time Central Heating

The second option is

This is what they say….

Lending decisions for people, by people

Home improvement loans for homeowners, funded by local councils.

As a Social Enterprise lender, we understand your unique financial circumstances and we never put your interest rate up because of your credit history.

We disrupt traditional lending with our decisions powered by partnerships and people, enriching homes and lives through affordable finance.

The areas  covered include

  • Home Improvement

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Renewable Energy

  • Disability Adaptation

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