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Equipment looking for a New Home

A number of items of equipment have been donated to the Centre recently and we would like to find a new home for them for an appropriate donation.

Dishwasher – This was in use at the Brightwell until fairly recently and replaced by a donated industrial dishwasher for the café. It is still in great working order.

Scooter - currently we have two, one needs the batteries replacing. Both can be taken apart to fit in the car boot.

Scooter Travel Cover – This is really handy if you are traveling on a plane and need to check-in a scooter or wheelchair. It’s thick and padded for the equipment’s protection.

Brushed Steel and Chrome Handrails - we have two different types and at least 7 of one and twenty of the other.

Stair Steady - The rail is 3.84 metres long and is fitted on a flight of 11 stairs. It will be professionally removed and It is important to have it professionally fitted. It was supplied and fitted by Dolphin Western Ltd in Clevedon.

Car Ramp: This is a heavy-duty ramp for scooters or wheelchairs and can be taken apart into two pieces and folded into a case shape for carriage. It should be suitable for most cars and may be used as to get over a door ledge or step.

If you are interested in any if these items, would like any other information, please call our reception team on 01454 201 686 or email

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