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Katie running for The Brightwell whilst living with Encephalitis

Please can you take a few minutes to read Katie’s inspirational story on her Enthuse fundraising page and support her if you can.

Katie has overcome terrible and very frightening symptoms of dealing with her diagnosis of Encephalitis and has found running to have helped her on the road to recovery. This determination and perseverance has meant that incredibly, Katie is running the London Marathon on Sunday!

Please see Katie’s full story and support her by clicking on the link below

Katie lives in Ilford  in Essex and has not even been to the Centre, but chose to support us, which is incredible.

She sent us this message

"I'm writing to you as I wanted to inform you that I have chosen to support your charity for my London marathon run. I read about your association and think it would have really helped me back in 2008 when I was diagnosed with Encephalitis and consequently with cluster migraines.

 In fact running saved me, as you can read from my story.  I saw that you do oxygen therapy and I would also be interested if ever there was an opportunity for me to come and visit you to try this out.

 I hope you do not mind me supporting you like this but at the time I felt so isolated and I'm sure I would have got a lot out of an environment like at Brightwell.

 Best wishes,

 Katie Mauthoor"


You can also follow Katie on her Facebook page

Thank you so much from everyone at The Brightwell. Good Luck on Sunday!

We look forward to welcoming you to The Brightwell very soon!


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