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Let’s introduce you to Doro Pasantes, CEO of The Brightwell.

Many of you will already know me as I have been involved with The Brightwell since 2007.

I originally started as a volunteer in Nailsea. It was the first Charity I had ever had any experience of, and I was impressed by the splendid work the Centre was doing and the amazing people who I met there. When the opportunity arose, I applied, and was successfully chosen for the role of   Centre Manager at the end of 2009.

I was born and raised in Central London to Spanish parents and grew up in a very multicultural, council housing estate, I loved every minute of my childhood there, and look back on that time with much nostalgia. I am exceptionally proud of my Spanish heritage and enjoy speaking to people in Spanish at every opportunity I get. I am also conversant in French, Italian and Portuguese, and have been trying to learn Welsh over the last year, which is a much tougher language to learn. Dw i’n mwynhau siarad cymraeg!

I went to Portsmouth University, where I studied a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies. My first two jobs made use of my language skills working on translations for a Spanish Lawyer and then as a PA to the Secretary General at The Spanish Chamber of Commerce, where I got to organise trade fairs and run their Young European Entrepreneur Programme.

I moved to Nailsea when I married my husband Paul in 2003. We are the proud parents of two amazing, grown-up children Natalia and Santiago. We currently live in the beautiful coastal town of Portishead, where I am part of the gig rowing club and will be attending and participating in my fourth Gig Rowing World Championship in May this year!

Paul and Natalia are both active members of the Portishead Lifeboat Crew and Santiago toured the UK and went to Dubai with Mary Poppins and Les Misérables when he was just 11! I am immensely proud of my family and their achievements.

Over the years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of being involved with so many members, volunteers and committed staff through the work done by our fantastic charity, and it has been a real privilege to do so!

The past few years since Covid,  have seen the scope of the work carried out at The Brightwell  broaden significantly, in terms of conditions treated and therapies offered. I am exceptionally proud to be the CEO of this great charity and community.  I am always blown away by the passion and commitment that members, volunteers and supporters have for the work we do.

Thank you all for your ongoing care and support.

Doro Pasantes.

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