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Let Us Introduce You to Dawn Wright our Lead Receptionist…

Hi, my name is Dawn the Receptionist and Member Journey Officer here at The Brightwell. 

I live locally to the Centre having moved to Bradley Stoke in 1987, Bradley Stoke was mainly fields, with the plans for 8,000 new houses for a whole new town! Obviously I was very young then!  It wasn’t long before shops, pubs and other facilities were being built and within a few years Bradley Stoke started to feel like more of a community.

I have a son and a daughter and have found Bradley Stoke a lovely area to bring them up in.  They are my pride and joy and give me so much pleasure and worry in equal measures but I wouldn’t be without them and am proud of the young adults they are turning into. 

They both attended Wheatfield Primary school, opposite the Centre, and I watched the then ‘MS Therapy Centre’ being built not knowing that I would end up working here.

I was first introduced to the Centre when I was a Slimming World consultant.  One of my members, who had previously volunteered here, said that the Centre was looking for a receptionist and also needed some part-time cover.  She thought that this would be the ideal place for me.  I arranged to come in to help on reception and was asked to put in my CV which led to an interview and the rest is history.  I also used to hold my Slimming World classes at the Centre on a Saturday morning for quite a few years  and only finished Slimming World recently.

The support the Centre gives people has always amazed me and it is a privilege to be a part of it.  Reception is the first point of contact, so it is important to make members feel welcome and supported.  Relationships are built and if existing members and new members are made to feel welcome and cared for then that’s very satisfying.  I hope in some small way that I help the members on their journey.

Since I started working at The Brightwell, 7 years ago  I’ve seen the Centre change so much, it’s definitely much busier and the facilities have really grown, I work with some great people and glad to have made some great friends too.

My role has been developed recently to include being the Member Journey Officer, which includes being involved with the members on a one to one basis to ensure that they  can access and make the most the therapies and support we offer. This is a completely new role and I’m really enjoying it.

When I get the opportunity I enjoy going on holidays in the sun and weekends away watching live bands.  I am very excited to have just bought myself a converted Peugeot Partner and I’ve called her “Doris!”

I must finish with an acknowledgment to our volunteers, as we couldn’t run without them.  I am so grateful for the help they give on reception so, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I look forward to seeing you all next time you are in.

Love and Best Wishes


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