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MS Awareness Week 22 – 28 April 2024

As you are no doubt aware we are part of the Neuro Therapy Network.

For MSAW 2024, NTN is again teaming up with MS Society, MS Trust, MS-UK, MS Together, Overcoming MS and to raise awareness about the realities of living with MS.

Together, they will be launching #MSUnfiltered - a national campaign highlighting MS symptoms that can be difficult to talk about. NTN’s pre-campaign survey shows that many people feel embarrassed by some of their more sensitive symptoms, often avoiding seeking help, or hiding them from family and friends.

#MSUnfiltered aims to break the stigma and give people the confidence to speak up when they need support. During the week we will be sharing  posts and stories. If you would like to add your own personal MS journey, please let us know and speak to Doro.

Keep an eye out in general for information using #MSUnfiltered 




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