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New SaeboMas now available in our Physiotherapy Department

The new SaeboMas dynamic arm support is a piece of equipment that has been on the physiotherapy wish list for several years. It is an absolutely fantastic addition to the physiotherapy department.

The equipment is designed to facilitate support for those who have limited movement in their shoulder, elbow and arm. The dynamic mobile arm support system suspends the limb eliminating the weight of the arm, lessening fatigue. It also allows the correct alignment of the joints, when making movement, lessening pain and discomfort.

The equipment greatly enhances an individual's capability to participate in therapeutic rehabilitative tasks which encourages them to keep going. This is of particular benefit in allowing an individual to make repetitive movements, that they would otherwise be unable to do, through fatigue, pain or weakness.

Repetition is a great tool in neurological physiotherapy as it helps the brain to remember the pathways involved in making a particular movement. It is also incredibly useful for strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups and in conditions such as stroke recovery, this can lead to lasting improvements and even restoration of functionality.

Amrik has found that the SaeboMas is also helping people who have limited reach, the equipment can support the arm, enabling individuals to practice reaching further. This conditions and strengthens the muscles over time and again sparks the neural pathways of the brain.

Please take a look at these two excellent videos showing Val Nash before the Saebo and one using the equipment. Impressive results!

Before - with using the SaeboMas

After - whilst using the SaeboMas

One of our members that has been using this equipment with Amrik says

“It is very good… I can actually move my arm. The movement feels natural and comfortable, not forced… I think it will help as I use it more regularly”.

If you would like to find out more about the SaeboMas please speak to your Centre physiotherapist or email

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Colemon Serge
Colemon Serge
Jul 01, 2023


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