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Our Fundraisers were magnificent at the London Landmark Half Marathon.

The team fundraising for The Brightwell at The London Landmark Half Marathon on Sunday 7 April did a fantastic job.

We originally had a team of 5, but Jemima had to withdraw due to a back injury.

Our Brightwell team had a great run and all made excellent times around the two hour mark!

The weather was very kind and stayed dry albeit a bit breezy.

Apparently, if you are a competitive runner, this event is one of the most enjoyable ones to take part in.

The crowds were very supportive with lots of entertainment en route.

Our Lead Physio Amrik reported back “I was really flagging  but there was an amazing group of drummers encouraging all the runners, plus a gospel choir. My last name was on my vest and people were calling out “Come on Sidhu!”, it really gave me the motivation to put a spring in my step, I even had a quick dance in front of the drummers! It really was a great experience.”

“Team Millie” was made up of Millie’s Dad Stu and neighbour Sarah. As many of you know Millie is a key member of our physio team and always gets behind any fundraising events. Millie and her family made a weekend of it and stayed in London to cheer them on and enjoy the day.

Simon who is the Centre Manager at the Willow Brook Shopping Centre in Bradley Stoke has been making every opportunity to train, including running around the Centre when it was closed – much to the amusement of the security staff!

Thank you all so much, your fundraising is very much appreciated by us all at The Brightwell.

There is still time to sponsor them by clicking on the links below.

Simon Whiting, Manager at the Willow Brook Centre,  and fantastic supporters of The Brightwell   

Stu Rutherford Stu is Millie’s Dad, Millie is part of our physio team  

Sarah McAllister Sarah is a supporter of our work and Millie's neighbour

Amrik  Sidhu, The Brightwell’s Lead Physiotherapist



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