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Sunshine again for two hardworking groups

We were delighted to welcome back two groups of Volunteers from the Civil Service. Despite terrible weather for this time of year, the sun shone on both days that these groups of volunteers were with us.

We are so grateful to both groups who have helped before and know the Centre and the outdoor space well.

Steve Fitt, our Premises Manager who also coordinates the volunteer days, commented” These two groups achieved so much in the garden and outdoor areas of the Centre, we are so fortunate to have help to keep everything looking so lovely with amazing support from our regular volunteers and our corporate volunteers.”

Steve continued” The completed jobs included the garden table was sanded and stained to complete the set of refurbished garden furniture, lots of weeding was carried out on the flower beds and paving, the electrical plant room floor was painted, our new water butt was installed, the grass was mown, just to name a few things, just fantastic!”

Thank you from everyone at The Brightwell for all your hard work!

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