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The Cost of Therapies and Contributions by Standing Order

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

How much does it cost?

All the sessions for those members living with neurological conditions are subsidised through our fundraising efforts and supporter donations.

However, as a charity we do ask for a contribution towards each session, the details of which are below.

It is the Charity’s policy to never deny someone support due to financial reasons and we welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss any payment issues with anyone struggling to contribute towards their therapy sessions.

Contributing by Standing Order

Where possible we request that members contribute by standing order.

The benefits are as follows:

  • It helps us with planning for staffing/volunteer levels

  • Members know they have a definite booking.

  • You only contribute for 44 weeks a year, to take into account holidays

  • We are only usually closed for 1 week over Christmas and New Year

  • You know you have made the right contribution, so there are no concerns about forgetting.

  • It is easier to budget.

  • Adjustments can be made for long term absence e.g. hospitalisation or prolonged illness.

Standing orders are worked out on an average of 44 weeks per year if someone attends weekly. This takes into account 8 weeks of nonattendance for any reason.

1-2-1 Physio @ £25 per session X 44 weeks / 12 months = £91.66 per month

Oxygen @ £15 per session X 44 weeks / 12 months = £55.00 per month

Exercise class @ £ 8 per session X 44 weeks / 12 months = £29.33 per month

For fortnightly sessions the following applies:

1-2-1 Physio @ £30 per session X 22 weeks / 12 months = £55.00 per month

Please download a Standing Order Form

Standing Order Coop 08.06.2021
Download PDF • 87KB

A member of staff or a member of our Reception Team will be pleased to work out your monthly payment with you based on your individual treatment plan. We can also print off any forms and complete them with you.

For further information please visit our Therapies page

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