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What are the benefits of having physio at The Brightwell?

We very much focus on you as an individual with your own personal needs being met.

These requirements might include maintaining mobility, it is crucial that you remain as active as possible, we understand that this can be a challenge for people with neurological problems, especially when their muscle strength and movement is affected. Through regular physiotherapy, muscles can be exercised in the correct way and so, where possible, mobility is maintained, and the issues associated with a lack of movement can be prevented or addressed.

Many of our members have some or all of the following aims:

  • Receiving general advice to them and their support network

  • Maintaining/improving joint mobility

  • Preventing/reducing muscle spasms

  • Maintaining/improving muscle power

  • Maintaining/improving normal patterns of movement

  • mproving/maintaining balance and coordination

  • ·Reducing/preventing ataxia

  • Maintaining/improving general fitness

In addition, physiotherapy can be combined with the other therapies on offer to help ease pain, which can be one of the most difficult symptoms to treat effectively. Our therapists and Centre staff can speak to you about whether a combination of therapies might be right for you.

The physiotherapy offered to you will be based on your specific ability. Activities vary from one-to-one or group sessions to exercise classes, gym equipment can also be used, under a therapist’s supervision. All new members to the Centre have a general assessment with a physiotherapist and, if physiotherapy is requested, a discussion will take place between the individual and the therapist as to the most suitable format.

How can I get physiotherapy at The Brightwell?

For further information please visit

Or call us today on 01454 201686 to book in your General Assessment with a physio specialist.

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