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Winter Solstice Raffle

As part of our last fundraiser of the year, our Winter Solstice Sunrise Swim we will be running a big end of year RAFFLE!

The raffle will be drawn at the event which takes place at 7am on Friday 22 December at West Country Water Park.

Prizes include:

1st Prize: Osteopathy treatment worth £138 with Frome Valley Osteopaths

2nd: Afternoon tea for 2 at Aztec Hotel & Spa

3rd: Spa day pass for 2 at Aztec Hotel & Spa

4th: Taylor Swift Vinyl

And ... a large selection of chocs, swim gear, bubbles & self care items!

Online entries will be printed off and added to the raffle bucket on the day.

Check out the pics for further info on prizes.

Thank you for supporting The Brightwell.

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